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Substance Use Grief Trauma

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Our practices are conveniently located in Calgary, Alberta where we work alongside of a group of incredibly talented and caring professionals from a wide variety of different professional associations and theoretical perspectives. They provide us with both unique opportunities for consultation as well as a network of referral options when our clients needs are outside of our specialties.

Registered Psychologist

Natalie Imbach

Calgary healing and support with addiction, grief, trauma, and mental health.

Registered Psychologist

Cal H. Henze

Calgary Christian Psychological care:
We help put life and relationships back together again!

Registered Psychologist

Gerard Alberts

Make the right career choice for you with Calgary Career Counselling.


Kelvin Block

Feeling stuck in your relationship, Calgary Relationship Counselling helps couples get unstuck.

Registered Psychologist

Roche Herbst

Finding an experienced ADHD therapist for focus and attention therapist difficult?

Registered Psychologist

Maureen Theberge

Help and healing through grief and life transitions in Calgary.

Registered Christian

Roslyn Henze

Calgary Spiritual Direction:
Helping you make sense of life's choices on every level.

Registered Christian Counsellor

Future Member

Under Construction

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If you feel that you or a loved one could benefit from the services that Natalie Imbach provides, please contact her for an appointment by email at
or call (587) 997-2373.

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