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Natalie Imbach is a Registered Psychologist in the province of Alberta. She has a Bachelor of Arts with a major in Addiction as well as a Masters degree in Marital and Family Therapy from Loma Linda University in Loma Linda, California.

Natalie is a lifelong seeker of knowledge who places tremendous value on continuing her own development and growth both personally and professionally. As a Bowen therapist, she views individuals through a relational lens and is curious about the human experience. She seeks a deep understanding of her clients’ experience on all levels, as she believes people need to feel understood and heard to develop a deeper understanding of themselves. She has extensive experience working with young people and their families struggling with addiction. Currently, Natalie Imbach is growing her private clinical practice, working with individuals, couples, and families.

Natalie works with people who are genuinely seeking help and who are willing to integrate the help she provides and to collaborate with her to bring healing from whatever it is that has brought them to her. She loves working with youth and accessing the part of them that has dreams, that has ideals, and wants to have a purpose and be a good human being. Natalie believes that all youth have these dreams and ideals within them, but sometimes struggle to figure out those dreams and ideals and how to bring them to fruition.

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